I would like to tell you that I’m gonna conduct few interview sessions (Mid August and September 2008) with experts in Islamic banking and finance area. This effort is in line with the aim to confirm the right determinants (Confirmation of Items) to be included in the existing conceptual framework that has been developed by me myself as a researcher. This process is a ‘must’ to support the validity and realiability of the said conceptual framework that will be used as tool of analysis in the empirical work.


For that purpose, experts are divided into 4 categories i.e (1) Islamic Banking Consultant (2) Practitioner (3) Academician and (4) Religious Figure. (see below)

(1) Islamic Banking Consultant : Prof. Dato Dr. Sudin Haron (President of Kuala Lumpur Business School) and Tuan Haji Sabar Abd Rahaman (Syariah Consultant of Microlink)

(2) Practitioner: Dato’ Wan Ismail Wan Yusoh (General Manager of BIMB) and Badlisyah Abd Ghani (CEO of  CIMB Islamic Bank)

(3) Academician: Dr. Atikullah (USM) and Ustaz Zaharuddin Abd Rahman (UIAM)

(4) Religious Figure: S.S Dato’ Hassan Ahmad (Mufti of Penang) and Ustaz Mohd Bakir Mansor (Chairman of BIMB Syariah Supervisory Council)

5 of them have been contacted and willing to help me in order to achieve my first objective of the thesis.

May Allah helps me……………


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  1. Congratulation Azrin. You are moving confidently. Keep in track. I would like to say good luck to you in this assignments. And if you need helps, I can accompany you to see Dato Hassan Ahmad, our Penang Mufti because i’m quite close to him during my time at Majlis Agama. Keep going Azrin. I’m following you closely because I dont want to be so far behind you. So that we will be graduating in time. Not so long after you. After you it will be me. My turn will come. So again congratulations, bravo. Just Do it. Wassalam.

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