I will be presenting a paper entitled SHARIAH CONSIDERATION AS A BANK SELECTION DETERMINANT: ITS DOMINANCE AMONGST MUSLIMS IN MALAYSIA in an International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (ICOSSH 2008) that will be held on 18-20th June 2008. Do log on to USM’s website for further details.


This paper attempts to analyse the dominance of shariah consideration factor amongst Muslims in Malaysia when selecting banking institution. It is no doubt that Islamic banking products and services have been widely accepted by both Muslims and non-Muslims. This is reflected by the impressive total growth in various indicators, such as deposits and loans. The question that arises specifically to Muslims is whether this phenomenon has been motivated by shariah consideration factor. From all identified determinants, do Muslims really act in accordance with Islamic teaching? If so, to what extent shariah consideration becomes the most underlying structure of motivation factors? Thus, the objective of this paper is two folds. One is to examine the banking selection determinants which Muslims consider important for each banking system, namely conventional and Islamic. Two is to analyse the dominance of shariah consideration as a bank selection determinant amongst Muslims in Malaysia. The findings through content analysis indicated that religious motivation is not the sole criterion in selecting the most preferred banking institution. It shows that religious and economics factors will be considered simultaneously by Muslims.     





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